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your business in the EU?

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Use GrowEurBusiness, boutique business consultants based in Amsterdam to support your every step

You get

  • Reliable local support
  • Practical professional expertise
  • Cost and time savings

Our Offer

We make your life easier

local support

  • Personal attention
  • Based in Amsterdam
  • Experienced managers
  • Native English speakers
  • Efficient and quick support
  • Local contacts
  • Trust and discretion

Practical professional

  • Market opportunity analysis
  • Migration/expansion steps
  • Management and financial expertise
  • Strategy support and roadmap
  • Total business view
  • Trusted sounding board
  • Interim management
  • Brexit support

Cost and time

  • Time - we figure it out
  • Travel -we are local
  • Practical steps adding value
  • Reduction of complexity and total cost
  • Leverage network of advisors
  • Flexible solutions and competitive pricing
Checklist challenges

Your Challenges?

Growing your business in the European Union (EU) can be an overwhelming process when you don’t have any reliable local contacts and don’t know where to start
  • Looking how best to expand in Europe
  • Sizing your market opportunity
  • Sourcing key data
  • Practical steps to start
  • Finding a reliable local partner to help
  • Prioritising needs
  • Choosing trusted service providers
  • Lack of time and management resource
  • Cost expansion worries
  • Finding someone to understand your plans
  • Accessing EU and government support and grants
  • De-risking your business
  • Choosing your best location
  • Clear strategy, plans and cashflow management
  • Growing your business in a controlled way

How we help you

Grow Your Business in the EU

GrowEurBusiness offers a structured approach to your EU expansion adding value at every stage.

Before you start

Your opportunity: we help you identify and quantify the opportunity for your business

Before you start

Your opportunity: we help you identify and quantify the opportunity for your business

  • market research: segment identification, market size, location, risk, profitability
  • competitor analysis: who would you be competing with and their strengths
  • identifying route to market: how you enter the market and key steps

What you will need: We help you determine the resources you need realise your opportunity

  • people: type of skills you need and how to obtain
  • service providers: which services you need and the best solution for your business
  • investment: for expansion, working capital and identifying potential sources of additional funds

Getting started

Once you decide to start we will help you prioritise and make the right choices.

Getting started

Once you decide to start we will help you prioritise and make the right choices.

  • presenting your offering: make sure potential customers understand your product or service offering
  • distribution: how you find relevant distributors
  • potential partners: identify partners to help you expand faster
  • reliable networks: we connect you to a reliable network of service providers
  • cashflow management: how can you best sequence your activities to ensure adequate funding
  • risk: developing strategies and plans to minimise risk and grow your business in a controlled way

Implementing and growing

Once you have started we are available to support according to your needs.

Implementing and growing

Once you have started we are available to support according to your needs.

  • decision making support: for new production capacity, extra marketing investment, potential price change impact analysis
  • interim management: general and financial management, part-time, sounding board, as your business requires
  • project support: program roll-outs, progress monitoring and control
  • business insights: developing key analytics, metrics, dashboards and management information
  • strategy, planning and control: set up clear goals, plans, budgets, forecasts
  • policies and processes: ensuring full business control and transparency
  • remote management: we provide flexible solutions to help you manage your business remotely as required

The Netherlands

Your gateway to the EU

"With experienced international and native English-speaking managers GrowEurBusiness facilitates an easy landing in the EU."

The EU.
One of the world’s most attractive markets.
The largest..

  • economy
  • trading bloc
  • trader goods and services
  • in/outbound investments
  • 500 million consumers

source: EU Commission

The Netherlands, arguably the best landing point as gateway to the EU…

No. 1 port (Rotterdam)
No. 2 airport (Amsterdam Schiphol)
Digital connectivity
Logistic services
Accessibility Europe Train - Road
Stable & Transparent
Talent: multilingual professional
International mindset
Attractive tax incentives
Business Eco system
Easy set up
High quality of life

Brexit is here


"Brexit" whatever that means has already happened

The only certainty about Brexit is ongoing uncertainty for many years on the practical aspects of conducting and planning business between the UK and EU. Regardless, UK and EU businesses will of course continue to trade.

Brexit will have significant impacts for many small and middle sized businesss.

What is the Brexit solution for your business?

GrowEurBusiness, with senior Irish partners, based in the Netherlands is ideally equipped and positioned to help you find the answers for your business: to analyse your position today, critically structure and walk through your plans and help you make the necessary choices and implement on the ground.

WHo are we

It's all about networking, professionalism and expertise

Our mission is to help small and medium size businesses land or grow in the European Union

GrowEurBusiness was founded by Greg Tyrrell and JP McAllister: management and finance professionals with a passion for international business and extensive experience in growing and supporting businesses in many European countries and beyond.

We founded GrowEurBusiness to share our knowledge and use our experience to assist businesses to develop in the EU.

GrowEurBusiness and its partners are members of inter alia:

  • Projob Company Onboarding (PCO) Network
  • NBCC (Netherlands British Chamber of Commerce)
  • INBA (Irish Netherlands Business Association)
  • AABC (Amsterdam American Business Club)

Greg Tyrrell, partner in GrowEurBusiness

Greg is a senior management and finance professional with over 30 years of international experience, largely in the Business Communications technology and professional service sectors.

Greg, an Irish national is a graduate of Trinity College Dublin, the Irish Marketing Institute and is a Chartered Accountant.

JP has more than 30 years international experience, particularly in Food/Agri in Business Development, M&A and Director roles.

JP is an Irish national working internationally and based in the Netherlands for over 25 years.


and what they say about us

  • "GrowEurBusiness is well conceived in range and flexibility of services covering a span of expertise for nascent and accelerating ventures. We were impressed with how fast Greg and JP identifed with the challenges and proposed appropriate support."
    Philip Vanhoutte

    Founder Ozadi

  • "JP combines an excellent finance background with very sound business skills and a critical mindset. He prospers working in teams and challenging people in a pleasant, constructive way."
    Hans den Bieman

    Owner at Sealand Aqauculture

  • "Greg is an exceptional finance and business leader with a strong focus on how to help the business grow."
    Erna Arnesen

    Advisory Board member at ZL technologies USA

  • "During our time in Nutreco, JP has been the finance director in our business unit in the region East Europe, Africa and Asia. He created an outstanding finance team in this area in over 15 different companies at the same time growing the business, unifying the standards, motivating the teams with respect to the different cultures and people in the various countries."
    Jan Smulders

    Managing Director, Scholtus Special Products

  • "JP is an excellent team member in business startup and development, M&A and business improvement projects and a pleasure to work with. His financial and analytical skills and business acumen have made a significant contribution to the successful development of businesses globally."
    Philip Smith

    ex. MD Skretting T&M, Marine Harvest Europe

  • "Greg’s excellent, knowledgeable and thorough approach makes him one of the finest executives I have ever had the pleasure to work with. My experiences with him are always very positive. He follows the highest levels of professional and ethical standards."
    Michael Hartberger

    Senior Management Consultant Amston Consulting Group USA

  • "JP is an exceptional finance and M&A professional. He is very knowledgeable in the aqua and food sectors. He has the skill to turn a blurred market and business picture into a very comprehensive hands on business plan"
    Jan Smulders

    Managing Director, Scholtus Special Products

  • "..making the right investment decisions for the right business reasons is one of Greg’s key strengths."
    Dave Marshall

    Head of Distribution Jabra UK

GrowEurBusiness is the trading name of GrowEurBusiness B.V., a limited liability company registered in The Hague, The Netherlands and with an address at Jacob Obrechtplein 9-2, 1071 KS Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

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